Is it good to follow KETO Diet without gall bladder? if so, which modifications/Strategies are needed to follow?

  • The good news is you don’t have to swear off healthy fats and you can still follow a keto diet even without your gallbladder. Another trick that may help is noshing on carb sources that specifically increase your bile production, such as beets and apples, as you start to introduce more fats to your diet.


  • Furthermore without your gallbladder, by pairing your meals containing more fat with some soluble fiber, you may be able to help your body safely transition and stay in ketosis. Prefer to use Brussel sprouts
    Apples (for the transition period only)
    Pumpkin seeds
    Sunflower seeds
    Chia seeds

  • Also, better to avoid drinking liquids with your meals and 30 minutes before and after them. Using pure MCT oil from coconuts is another efficient way to help your body break down the fats you eat while also boosting your ketone levels.



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